Funeral Films

What we do

When a loved one has left this world, not every family member or friend may have the opportunity to attend the funeral, memorial, or gravesite service due to Covid-19 restrictions. Missing those ceremonies can leave a void for those families and friends. Egg TV can fill that gap by filming the entire service from start to finish or any segment of the service. Egg TV, has 19 years of video production experience, tastefully filming and produce a DVD/live stream/Digital video that captures those moments from the home to the service.


We will always will cover the filming using 2 cameras and 2 cameramen. You can choose any of the options below to build the amount of coverage you require. Drone flying will be weather permitting. To book we will need payment in full, Music for the edit and names and details of the planned process of the day.


STAND-ALONE VIDEO MEMORIAL MONTAGE A stand-alone memorial video montage from relatives and friends can be especially meaningful. This can be shown at the funeral on a projection screen and can inserted into the final video. Friends and relatives can create their own message/thoughts/Good byes etc from a smart phone, images and these clips can be stitched together with music for a moving tribute that will be played during the service. This service will include Projector and Screen set up, Sound and play back at the appropriate time during the service. The cost for this service is £399.00.


Coverage break down:

Filming starting at Home £100.00
Arrivals £100.00
Ceremony £250.00
Departure £75.00
Drone video/images £175.00
Live streaming £150.00
Editing £300.00


Funeral filming North East of England drone filming from Egg TV. Call us on 0333 21 01642 for more details.